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How to Select a Recliner

There's truly no better way to end a long day than to crash on the soft cushions of a recliner chair. The recliner makes it super easy to unwind and stretch your feet and back muscles after returning from a hectic day of stress.
Who wouldn't want to have what should be considered as an item of mini-massage furniture or stretcher in their home anyway?

Today, the innovative designs invested in furniture making go beyond luxury. Furniture designers now take their time to craft out pieces that offer just as much comfort as they look absolutely attractive. So how then do you decide what recliner to go for while in a furniture showroom or shopping online?

Here are a few tips to help you get started on selecting a recliner.

Think About Functionality

Before making your recliner investment, take out time to check out the functionalities of the chair you’ve decided to go for. But would you know what to look out for before picking your recliner chair? Here’s a simple trick to get you thinking on what functions to expect from your recliner your chair.

First, who is the recliner meant for? Secondly, what would you use the recliner for? Having answered these questions, here are four options to help you decide on the functionality of your new recliner chair:

1. Manual

Would you love a recliner chair that allows you to adjust the angle manually without stress? Then go for a manual recliner because the chair comes with handy features that enable you to adjust it into a reclined position. By simply pulling the handle on the side or applying a little pressure, you can maneuver the recliner into a position that suits you.

2. Recliner Fit Power

Could be anything cooler than a mobile recliner? With the recliner fit power functionality, persons with mobility issues can move around while enjoying the comfort of their recliner chairs. Users with strength limitations also get to benefit from the recliner fit power functions as it’s designed to help exercise their limbs and joint areas. The motorized recliner chair is operable with the punch of a button to access the mobility features.

3. Recliner Fit Lift

The recliner fit lift operates like a robot as it helps users that need standing assistance move from a seated position. With the power fit lift, you could enjoy the functionality of a recliner chair with the additional benefit of lifting yourself. It gets better as you can easily switch from an erect standing position to a comfortable zero-gravity reclined position with a single push of a button.

4. Rocking

You get to enjoy the fun that comes with grooving on a rocking recliner chair while getting the relaxed feeling on the reclined position. On some days when you just feel like clearing your mind and enjoy the swing for a few minutes, the rocking recliner would be a perfect choice. Users with toddlers would benefit greatly from the rocking recliners as they serve as the best furniture chair options for a child’s nursery.

Consider Your Style

After deciding what recliner chair function suits your needs, you should now consider style. Recliner chairs can serve as both relaxing pieces as well as a feature of the room that helps reflect your style. In considering your style, you should decide what room would the recliner fit into the most. This helps you to decide whether to go for a chair with a formal or casual design.

Picking a design that captivates your interests helps you to fall in love with the chair by making it your comfort zone in the room. To make it look even better, pick a recliner that matches with a few other elements in the room. If the style matters the most to you, go for a Secret Recliner.

These products offer stylistic features without cutting the expectations of a reclining comfort chair.

Symmetrical Furniture Arrangement

So what’s next after deciding the style and functionality of your recliner chair? Another important characteristic of a good recliner is picking the right size to fit. Getting a chair that suits and fits your body type makes the recliner serves its purpose of offering 100% comfort. You should try to schedule a fitting for your new recliner chair before purchasing to ensure it fits properly.This process is rather important because having an ill-fitting recliner could result in negative effects causing discomfort.A proper fitting is necessary because there’s a perfect recliner size for tall, thin, or, short users. With the perfect recliner size, you can expect to get maximum comfort which is the purpose of getting the recliner furniture in the first place.

At Paramount Furniture, we offer over 50+ high-quality recliner options that are customized to fit a wide range of body types.

Let’s take a quick run through six steps to help you select a recliner that fits your body type;

6 Tips to Selecting a Recliner That Suits You

You should only go for a recliner that offers height, width, and depth options to give you a comforting experience.

Step I

Know your height and select a recliner designed to fit users within your height range. The recliners we offer to our customers at Paramount Furniture are categorized into four main types;
This should serve as a guide to picking the right recliner for your body size. However, you would have to personally check if the chair fits to ensure you have the right dimensions. The categories above-mentioned might come in handy especially if you have to order the recliner from our online store.

Step II

While seated comfortably on the recliner, bend your knees to make a 90-degree angle ensuring your feet touch the floor. Avoid stretching your feet while seated as that wouldn’t suffice when measuring the actual size to give you the comfort you need.

Step III

Now while laying back, ensure your shoulders relax effortlessly on the seam that connects the two back cushions. This helps you to measure the depth to ensure the recliner isn’t too small or wide enough for your body size.

Step IV

The next step is to check that the recliner chair offers comforting lumbar support while in use at all times. Recliners with good lumbar support provide users with the perfect opposite force enough to support the lower back while resting. The cushion from the chair should give your back a natural curve making it impossible for it to cause uncomfortable tension while in use.

Step V

Resting your head while testing the recliner shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with the supports causing extra tension on the neck or head area. Make sure you have your neck resting perfectly well with your head and spine relaxing on the cushion comfortably.

Step VI

Lastly, when seated comfortably in a reclined position, watch out to make sure your feet aren’t dangling too far away from the edge of the recliner. Your feet heels should fall without you stressing it over the edge of the footrest.

At Paramount Furniture, we have consultants trained to walk you through the testing process to ensure you purchase the right recliner for you. We also offer a step-by-step guide to shoppers on our online store to ensure they get a recliner for their sizes delivered to them.

Make It Customized to Suit Your Taste


Paramount Furniture offers its customers the opportunity to customize recliner chairs to fit their style, sizes, and functionality options.

You can call in today to make your preferable requests on tweaking a few features of your recliner to suit your taste.

We showcase a wide range of upholstery options at Paramount Furniture that features handles as well as design upgrades to help customize your recliner.


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