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20 Ideas for Rearranging Your Living Room

Are you stuck with furniture placement in your living room area? Would you love to work with a list of trendy and accommodating living room ideas? Read along as we bring you up to speed with these practical tips.

Small Living Room

Individuals with small living room spaces can get the best interior setting going with furniture arrangement. With ruling out out-of-scale furniture arrangements, you’d get a living room with enough spacing to fit the bed, wardrobe, center rug, and shelves.

Flexible Living Room

This idea offers you the option of imbibing a little flexibility into your living room area. Switch up your receiving space by having an extra sitting chair around the corner to accommodate more guests. Stools and ottomans are the perfect added features to bring this idea to life without spending much.

Rug-Furniture Mix Arrangement

Getting the right synchrony with your rug and furniture wouldn’t be a problem with large center rugs. To get the best results, ensure all key pieces of furniture fit perfectly on the rug. If for some reason all pieces do not fit, position the front legs on the rug to create the rug-furniture blend.

Large Living Room

With large living room spaces, the idea is to strategically arrange the furniture in a sequence or style that suits your taste. To manage the difficulty mostly encountered with large living room spaces, we’d suggest you divide the room into compartments.

Arrangements for Conversation

If you often have friends over for tea discussions, book clubs, or games night, then your living room arrangement should accommodate them. Go for a variety of furniture options that allow guests to choose the section of the room they are most comfortable with.

Lounging Arrangement

If you often have friends over for tea discussions, book clubs, or games night, then your living room arrangement should accommodate them. Go for a variety of furniture options that allow guests to choose the section of the room they are most comfortable with.

Symmetrical Furniture Arrangement

Giving your living room a sense of order could help create a lasting impression on guests and friends visiting your home. Place matching chairs and sofas directly opposite one another to create the symmetrical living room idea. Symmetrical looks radiate attractive balance to your living room area.

Focus on the View

We’ve spoken quite some about the sitting arrangements so far; now let’s talk about the view. Most living rooms have the fireplace as the focal point of concentration. Take out time to pick the best fireplace design to blend with your furniture, center rug, and blinds.

Open Living Rooms

In rearranging open-concept living rooms, the idea is to split the area into different zones or sections. Each zone represents a different furniture layout and interior design touch leaving the entire space to breathe without choking the area with so much furniture.

Convectional Arrangement

Many misinterpret the convectional living room seating arrangement for an avenue to stuff the area with cabinets and furniture. Though the idea is to artistically congest the living room area with furniture and antique arts preferably, one could overdo things if not carefully handled.

Living Room/Kitchen Arrangement

Now here’s a tricky one! Most studio spaces have their kitchen, living room, and bedroom areas interlocked into each other without obvious partitions. To get the best of this space, ensure there’s a transitional element into each section of the room to create unification.

The L-shaped Arrangement

L-shaped living room seating arrangement can be achieved by placing a love seat and suede sofa around a medium-sized coffee table. At the angle where both pieces of furniture meet, fill up the one-fourth space with an antique or artistic table lamp.

Diagonal Arrangement

With the diagonal arrangement, we’re set to create a living room area that gives more dimensions to space than randomly placing furniture. The diagonal sequence with the sofa and coffee table helps create to create a distinct pathway to the seating area in the living room.

The Colourful Palette

Styling your living room with matching colors could send captivating messages to guests while lightening up space. In merging colors with this living room arrangement, ensure every piece syncs up with the overall idea while adding a touch of contrasting colors for inquisitive guests.

Living Rooms with Shelves

Shelving specifically in confined living room spaces could be a lot to handle when rearranging your home. In the case where your living room also serves as the mini-library space where books are displayed, the shelves should be positioned adjacent to the seating arrangements for optimal display.

The TV-Fireplace Synchrony

People generally feel their options with the TV-fireplace living room arrangement are limited to having both on the same wall. You could get creative by using TV stands hereby having the fireplace heat up the room from the side rearranging the sofa and furniture.

The Cozy Layout

Recreating this cozy feel idea to your living room area can be achieved by arranging the furniture and features with enough room for light beautiful window blinds. The living room becomes the perfect relaxation area when you have two stools positioned by the window for chit-chat.

Bay Windows Arrangement

Your bay window area can be easily converted into relaxation and a quiet spot for discussion with the right amount of light for a relaxing ambiance. The chairs or stools should be accompanied by a table light for lightening at night while you’re set to share a drink or two with a friend.

Living Room with Hall Trees

Hall trees and plants generally set a relaxing mood for your living room space. The trees should be placed at a corner of the room specifically beside the TV or fireplace. Your plants could fit anywhere in the room provided you have the right vase to match the stand or table.

Outdoor Living Room Area

We have to be deliberate with selecting furniture for outdoor living room areas. Waterproofed chairs would be the obvious option; however, you could go ancient-style with wooden or woven furniture options. These choices would require reliable coverage from rain and intense sunlight.
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